Discovery Visits at Osborne

Experience life as a Royal servant, or as a Victorian Explorer setting out on a new adventure. Learn about the geology of the Isle of Wight and the lives of the Royal children. At just £100 per group per session our interactive expert-led Discovery Visits are a great way to delve deeper into the story of Osborne and England. 

Our Discovery Visits have been adapted to follow health and safety guidelines and will still offer your students a quality and fun learning experience.

Expert-Led Visits

The Adventures of a Victorian Explorer

History, Literacy, Speaking & Listening, Story telling

Meet a Victorian explorer and find out about their exciting adventures travelling the world. Handle the weird and wonderful treasures they discovered. Use this inspiration to become a story-teller, creating characters and writing tales of their exploits. Visit the Swiss Cottage Museum and weave the objects on display into your own tale of daring.

  • Availability: November to December, February to March: Wednesday to Friday during term time, April to October: Monday to Friday during term time
  • Session lasts for 1 1/4 hours
  • £100 per session
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The Queen is coming! (Previousuly Waiting on Hand and Foot!)

History, PSHE, Speaking & Listening, Techology

Can you pass the finger-nail inspection? Enter the world of the downstairs brigade in this stunning, fully-equipped historic setting and discover what life was like for the servants at Osborne House in the 1870s. Queen Victoria’s Housekeeper Mrs Smith talks about domestic life below-stairs and introduces hands-on role-play activities. Learn to set the table, black boots, clean the brasses and beat the rugs in preparation for the arrival of Queen Victoria. Will they receive Royal approval for their work?

  • Availability: November to December, February to March: Wednesday to Friday during term time, April to October: Monday to Friday during term time
  • Session lasts for 1 1/4 hours
  • £100 per session
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Story Mat

History, Speaking & Listening, Story telling
KS1, Foundation

Our beautiful Story Mat has hidden Island treasures. Students can handle a range of rocks and fossils as they find out more about the Royal children who collected them. This is a wonderful way to introduce Reception and KS1 children to Swiss Cottage and the Museum.

  • Availability: March: Wednesday to Friday, April to October: Monday to Friday during term time
  • Session lasts for 45 minutes
  • £75 per session
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Plan Your Trip

We have a wide range of materials to support your visit and make school trip planning easy. Download our free resources to help you make the most out of your visit and create unique learning experiences before, during and after your trip.

We also offer free planning visits for group leaders once you have made a booking. Our Education Booking Team is on hand to advise and help you create the best possible school trip to suit your needs and area of study.

  • Facilities
    • PARKING: Free car park with accessible parking bays, 50m from admissions centre. Coach parking is 250m from the entrance.
    • TOILETS: Toilets are available at points across the site.
    • SWISS COTTAGE: Available when booked with the Victorian Explorer or Story Mat Discovery Visits.
    • HOUSE: Please request a time slot at the time of your booking.
    • ESTATE GROUNDS: The wide acres of the Osborne estate, including the beach, woodland walk and terraces are all open.
    • LUNCH: You are welcome to bring a picnic to enjoy in the grounds.
    • SHOP: Shop at the admissions centre selling a range of gifts, souvenirs and books. We require you to bring your students in small groups at a time.
    • EDUCATION ROOM: The education room is currently unavailable.
    • BAG STORE: A room has been set aside where the students can store their bags whilst in the house. Otherwise they will need to carry their bags with them.
    • ACCESSIBILITY: There are 12 disabled parking bays located 50 yards from the admissions entrance. Disabled visitors may be set down directly outside admissions entrance. Queen Victoria's Private Apartments are accessible via a lift to the first floor. The Nursery is not accessible. A minibus is available to take wheelchair users to the Swiss Cottage and Queen Victoria's beach. The ground floor of the Swiss Cottage and Museum is accessible to wheelchair users. Gardens and Grounds are accessible using tarmac and impacted gravel paths. The Walled Garden and Swiss Cottage Garden are heavily gravelled and may be difficult for wheelchair users. The Rhododendron Walk is suitable for robust wheelchairs only. Queen Victoria's Beach paths, cafe, Queen Victoria's Bathing Machine and Alcove are all accessible, however there are two steps up to the beach boardwalk. The beach itself is not accessible to wheelchair users.

Planning Your Visit

Planning your visit couldn’t be easier with the help of our resources. However if you need more details or have specific questions about your trip or our Free Self-Led or Expert Led visits, please get in touch with our Education Booking Team on 0370 333 0606

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