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English Heritage Members can now enjoy free parking at most of our sites by displaying a valid car parking sticker in their vehicle. Joint Members only are able to get an extra car parking sticker. This form is for Members who have an email address registered with their membership, if you do not have an email address registered (or if you aren't sure) then please contact our customer services team on 0370 333 1181.

If you require a new car sticker because yours has been lost, damaged or stolen please contact our Customer Services team 0370 333 1181.

To request an extra sticker:

  1. Simply fill in the form below
  2. We will then check your request is valid 
  3. If it is a valid request, we will send you a confirmation email (please allow 7 working days for this to arrive)
  4. Show your email to a staff member at one of our sites and pick up your extra parking sticker

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