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Image: kings and queens reenactors at Framlingham Castle

Royal Connections

From mighty stone castles to a seaside retreat fit for a queen, many of our historic sites have a regal story to tell. Discover some of the stories of royalty at our sites and start planning your own visit.

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  • A Right Royal Street Party

    Join Dr Annie Gray and Kathy Hipperson from the popular English Heritage series The Victorian Way at the ultimate street party from history! Download their recipes to make the dishes for your own party. 

  • Test your royal knowledge

    Test your knowledge of the monarchy with our selection of royal-themed quizzes, from sites with regal connections to general kings and queens history. How well do you know your royalty?   

  • Which monarch are you?

    English history features some of the world’s most famous monarchs, all with their own interesting stories and personality traits. But which monarch most suits your character? Take our test to find out. 

  • Book now: Kids Rule! draw-along

    Join Wesley Robins, the illustrator of Kids Rule! magazine as he shows you how to draw Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. He's joined by our historian Dr Andrew Hann in this virtual event on Wednesday 1 June, at 4.00pm.

Image: 'The Vegetable Seller' being conserved

Get Quizzing

From Stonehenge to Queen Victoria, test your history know-how with our quizzes. Whether just challenging yourself or hosting a virtual quiz with family and friends, we've got your history rounds covered. We've even got quizzes just for kids!

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Image: collage of images and coloured blocks with copy 'The Chairman's Lectures'

Members' exclusive: The Chairman's Lectures

Discover this free series of virtual Members' events, lecturing on a variety of subjects, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Curated by our Chairman, Sir Tim Laurence, these lectures see some of our experts and historians discussing topics including life in medieval castles, Charles Darwin's laboratory and conservation of 16th-century artworks.

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Step into England’s story with our weekly podcast. Join presenter
Charles Rowe as we bring the history of our sites to life with news, views and expert interviews.

This week, we're joined by Senior Properties Historian Dr Susan Greaney and Professor Ronald Hutton to investigate the mysterious white horses and giant chalk figures that adorn hillsides across England.

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History for Kids

Image: actor playing Dido Belle with young Members

Are you ready to go back - way back - in time to learn all about England’s history? Read our magazines and discover our online pages where you can explore each of the key periods, from the Stone Age right through to the Second World War. Find out what life was like at the time through fun facts, illustrated stories, games and more. 

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How England Was Made

Episode 4: Stott Park Bobbin Mill

In our How England Was Made series, presenter Rob Bell explores significant locations from England's industrial history, accompanied by one of our expert historians.

In the fourth and final episode, presenter Rob Bell visits a mill that played a surprisingly key role in England’s textile industry in the 19th century. Nestled on the shores of Lake Windermere in Cumbria, Stott Park Bobbin Mill produced millions of wooden bobbins vital to the Lancashire spinning and weaving industries. Join Rob and Senior Curator Kevin Booth as they explore the role of the humble bobbin and the story behind the only working bobbin mill left in the Lake District today.

  • Episode 1: Neolithic Mines

    Historian Susan Greaney gives Rob Bell a guided tour of Grime's Graves in Norfolk. This Neolithic flint mine is evidence of early industry, from production to trade, even though the site itself is very unassuming. 

  • Episode 2: Iron Bridge

    The Iron Bridge combines aesthetic beauty with practical usage, allowing for safe passage across the River Severn. Rob discovers more about the site with Head Collections Curator Matt Thompson.   

  • Episode 3: Derwentcote Steel Furnace

    On the outskirts of Gateshead, Derwentcote is the earliest steelmaking furnace in Britain. Senior Properties Curator Mark Douglas and Rob discuss the history of steelmaking in the Derwent Valley.


History Discovered

Image: Dover Castle

Our expert historians and curators provide the most up-to-date insights, unveiling the secrets of some of the most important historic sites in the country. We invite you to step into England's story with historical articles and features created especially for you.

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  • Close ups

    We care for thousands of artefacts and monuments – such as the Lord's Prayer Ring at Ranger's House. Get up close and find out what makes these items so important.

  • Meet the Experts

    Our experts help us to bring to life the fascinating stories of our sites. Meet some of those 'in the know' as they share their knowledge and experiences with us.

  • Past Lives

    From a captive queen and a reggae superstar to the father of the NHS and pioneering dentist, discover the inspiring stories of the people who shaped our country's past.

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