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Step into England’s story with our new weekly podcast. Join presenter Charles Rowe as we bring the history of our sites to life with news, views and expert interviews.

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Episode 31 - These Our Monsters

This week we’re back in the studio with literary reviewer and journalist James Kidd to discuss These Our Monsters, our new book of short stories by eight contemporary novelists inspired by the myths, legends and folklore connected to our sites. Join Charles and James as they discuss the concept of the book and James’s own involvement, before looking at how the writers took on the challenge of re-imagining the stories of the past.

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Episode 30 - The Duke of Wellington and the Battle of Waterloo at Apsley House

We’re at Apsley House in London, the grand former home of the Duke of Wellington, to meet keeper of the Wellington Collection Josephine Oxley. Listen on to discover why this beautiful Georgian building in the heart of the capital was once known as 'Number 1 London', its role in honouring the Iron Duke’s great victory at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 and why it is home to one of the finest art collections in London.

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Episode 29 - Rembrandt’s ultimate ‘selfie’ at Kenwood

To mark the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt’s death a new exhibition has been launched at Kenwood, the London home of the Dutch artist’s most famous painting, Self-portrait with Two Circles. The exhibition, called #nofilter, sees the painting re-presented alongside a new digital artwork which will be comprised of ‘selfies’ taken by visitors. We meet senior curator Wendy Monkhouse to find out more about the enduring appeal of the painting, how it came to be at Kenwood and what visitors can expect during a visit to see it and the rest of Kenwood’s remarkable collection of art today.

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Speaking with Shadows - A new podcast series from English Heritage

If you are enjoying the English Heritage podcast, why not try our new 6 part series?

When you’re wandering about a historic place, what voices do you hear echoing off the walls? Are they the ones you learnt about at school – or do you wonder about the shadowy, quiet voices that may have gone unheard?

Speaking with Shadows is a series that listens to the people that history forgot. From castles on the south coast to Hadrian’s Wall in the far north, join presenter Josie Long as she travels across the country to seek out six stories from the hidden corners of England’s history.

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