Image: Brodsworth's target garden seen from above


From Stonehenge to Queen Victoria, test your history know-how with our quizzes made just for Members! Whether you're challenging yourself or hosting a virtual pub quiz, we've got your history rounds covered. We even have quizzes just for kids! Plus,, check your answers to the 20 Questions Quiz from your latest Members' Magazine.

Image: March 2021, 20 questions quiz

20 QUESTIONS QUIZ (March 2021)

Test your knowledge of our historic gardens with our 20 questions quiz.

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Image: Eltham Palace

The Biggest Quiz

We've released rounds of questions on everything from the Bronze Age to the legacy of the Second World War... the Biggest Quiz in History* starts here. 
*May not be the biggest quiz in history

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Image: re-enactor dressed as medieval archer

Medieval laws

Test your knowledge of obscure medieval laws with these 13 tricky questions. 

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20 Questions Quiz (October 2020)

Find the answers to the latest quiz from the October 2020 Members' Magazine and check your knowledge of English prehistory is up to scratch.

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Image: Mary Seacole blue plaque

Blue Plaques (part two)

Test your knowledge of the blue plaques scheme with our 20 questions quiz. 

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Image: Iron Bridge

The Industrial Revolution

Test your knowledge of the Industrial Revolution with this quiz created by our historians.  

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Kids Quizzes

Check out our quizzes just for kids! Plus, print and make your own board games based on old favourites to play with all the family.

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Travel through time with our kids mega quiz, which takes you from prehistory all the way through to the 20th century.  Test your knowledge of kings, queens, castles, Romans, Normans and Tudors – not to mention a lemur called Mah-Jongg!  You can look in past issues of Kids Rule! magazine if you need help with the answers.

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