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Image: Reenactors dressed as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

Kings and Queens

So many of the sites in our care have links with some of England's most famous kings and queens. Discover royal stories of conflict, romance, escape and family life with videos, features and quizzes just for Members.


As we reflect on the coronation of King Charles III on 6 May 2023, we discover the history of coronations, as well as all the things we were looking out for on the day itself. 

You can also see up close the Duke of Wellington's coronation robes and find out how we look after such delicate and beautiful objects. 

  • The History of the Coronation

    England is the last place in Europe that still holds coronation ceremonies today. In this article we explore the history of the coronation, what happens in a coronation ceremony, and how these traditions have developed over time.

  • The Coronation: What to look out for

    We’ve chosen some people and objects which could have been spotted during King Charles III’s coronation. Read about the part they play in the ceremony, and the history behind these important English traditions.

  • Pageantry and Progresses

    With King Charles' coronation falling between tours of the UK and the Commonwealth, head historic properties curator Jeremy Ashbee explores the stories of six royal visits to our sites.

  • Ruler of Rulers

    To celebrate the coronation of King Charles III and the launch of our updated ‘Ruler of Rulers’, we quizzed the British public — and Olympic champion Greg Rutherford — on kings and queens through English history.

Image: Stamps featuring King Charles III

A Royal History of Stamps

After King Charles III became the first new monarch to feature on a British stamp since Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne in 1952, we’re taking a look back at the history of our stamps and those that defined each of the royal reigns.

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Image: Painting of Henry VIII

Kings of our Castles

Many of English Heritage's castles have strong links to the men and women who sat on the throne of England. They built them, lived in them, visited them, and sometimes even attacked and destroyed them.

In this article our Head Properties Curator, Jeremy Ashbee, explains the links between England's kings and our historic places.

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Image: Framlingham Castle

Queens of our Castles

From the 13th-century heiress who lived in Carisbrooke Castle and owned the Isle of Wight to Eleanor de Montfort's attempt to hold the besieged Dover Castle, the stories of our castles are interwoven with those of powerful women.

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Kings, Queens and our sites

Image: Reenactor dressed as Queen Elizabeth I

Spanning more than five centuries, Kenilworth Castle's varied buildings reflect its long connections with English monarchs. Today you can visit the Elizabethan garden, brought back to life from historic records to recreate the garden created especially for a visit by Queen Elizabeth I. Many other sites across England have either housed or hosted monarchs through the centuries. Carisbrooke Castle has been both an Edwardian royal residence and a king's prison - Charles I was imprisoned here after his defeat in the Civil War. His son, Charles II, was forced to flee for his life after his own Civil War defeat, and escaped Parliamentarian soldiers by hiding in a tree at Boscobel House.

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Watch: England's Kings and Queens through the ages

Do you know your House of Wessex from your House of Windsor? What’s significant about the rule of the Stuarts? Under whose reign did the United Kingdom form? England has changed enormously under each ruler, and each has left their mark. Our timeline of English kings and queens tells the story of our monarchs through the ages.

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  • Queen Elizabeth I make up tutorial

  • Queen Victoria make up tutorial

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Image: Elizabeth I re-enactor at Kenilworth Castle

Test your knowledge on English kings and queens with our quiz. We also have quizzes on Queen Victoria, Victoria and Prince Albert and the legendary King Arthur. 

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