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Conservation work

Go Behind the Scenes

If you've ever wondered what goes into looking after hundreds of historic buildings and monuments, here's where you can find out, from conservation projects restoring valuable masonry to cutting edge design projects such as the footbridge at Tintagel Castle. Also, read on to discover more about the experts who are involved in caring for our properties and bringing them to life.

Image: Meet the Experts

Meet the Experts

From falconry to cookery, and even historical make-up, our experts help us to bring to life the fascinating stories of our sites. Meet some of those 'in the know' as they share their knowledge and experiences with us.

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Image: Photo of visitors seeing the repairs to Hurst Castle

Coastal Defence

Following our 2022 appeal to protect our coastal sites affected by coastal erosion and rising tides, we sent Jo Caird to Hurst Castle in Hampshire to find out how we’re looking after this vulnerable fort.

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Image: The gardening team at Wrest Park planting the parterre gardens

Ground Control

As our gardeners begin replanting historic parterre gardens for the summer, we reveal the story of these decorative flower beds and the work that goes into creating delightfully dazzling displays.

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Image: Shelly Lovick, stables manager at Audley End House and Gardens

The oddest jobs in history

From a donkey-wheel operator to a First World War gun handler, we meet the English Heritage staff and volunteers with the most unusual roles at our sites.

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Image: Conservator Alice Tate-Harte and senior collections conservator Rachel Turnbull

A Touch of Magic

A century after our paintings conservation studio was first established, we headed inside to discover its story and what goes into maintaining and protecting the collection of 1,500 artworks across the country.

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Osborne House

Caring for Osborne

Every year staff across our sites use the reduced opening hours over winter to clean and care for our houses and gardens. In 2019 we joined the team at Osborne on the Isle of Wight to find out what’s involved. 

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Image: The Perseus and Andromeda fountain at Witley Court and Gardens

The Perseus and Andromeda Fountain

A 2016 refurbishment project of the Perseus and Andromeda fountain at Witley Court and Gardens provided a rare chance to go eye-to-eye with the spectacular statues before the fountains were once again fired up.

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Image: Helmsley Archaeology Store

Helmsley Archaeology Store

Not all English Heritage treasures can be seen at our sites. Helmsley Archaeology Store in North Yorkshire has plenty too, as we found out back in October 2016 when we joined collections curator Susan Harrison to take a look around.

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