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Sunrise at Stonehenge

History Rediscovered

Our expert historians and curators provide the most up-to-date insights, unveiling the secrets of some of the most important historic sites in the country. We invite you to step into England's story with historical articles and features created especially for you. 


  • Let the games begin

    As the world prepares to celebrate this summer’s Olympic Games, landscape adviser Emily Parker reveals those played in the grounds of our historic sites.

  • 15 Incredible Objects in Our Collection

    From a Roman dodecahedron to mummified horse hooves, our experts reveal the stories of 15 incredible objects in our collection.

  • Napoleon, Lord of War

    Paul Pattison, Senior Properties Historian, looks back at the French emperor’s legacy on both sides of the English Channel.

  • Cabinet of curiosities

    Featuring innovative storytelling, exhibits and objects that haven’t been seen before, our museums provide an opportunity to explore our collections.

  • Cruising with the Courtaulds

    Dr Andrew Hann, Properties Historian Team Leader, explores Stephen and Virginia Courtauld's global adventures in the 1930s.

  • The Knight Shift

    Novice knight Stuart Heritage discovers what goes into performing for the crowds at our action-packed knight events.


    Properties historian Dr Andrew Roberts reveals why Hadrian's Wall was built, who lived along it and its legacy today.


    Our experts share the stories of eight influential and remarkable women who called our historic properties home and challenged the conventions of their day.

  • Pageantry and Progresses

    Head historic properties curator Jeremy Ashbee explores the stories of six royal visits to our sites.

  • Royal History of Stamps

    Take a look back at the history of our stamps and those that defined each of the royal reigns.


    Introducing the unsung heroes who played their part in shaping the stories of our sites.


    The Dissolution of the Monasteries saw monastic buildings destroyed and monks and nuns dispossessed, but what became of their treasures?


    Dr Dominique Bouchard looks back at the events behind the landmark ruling in the Somerset v Stewart case that helped to abolish slavery in England.


    Professor Ronald Hutton reveals the role of pre-Christian beliefs in shaping our landscapes, landmarks and language.


    Matt Thompson reveals how the railways democratised travel and stoked the public’s passion for exploring the past.


    Mary-Ann Ochota explains how the story of England and our evolving relationship with the landscape can be found in our hills, roads and hedgerows.

First World War stories

Our senior historian, Dr Andrew Hann, has worked with the genealogists at Findmypast to uncover just a couple of wartime stories, reflecting on the lives of three First World War soldiers.

  • John Glasson Thomas

    Discover the story of John Glasson Thomas, who was stationed at Pendennis Castle, Cornwall, during the First World War.

  • Sergeant John Robert McMellon

    Find out about Sergeant John Robert McMellon, one of the soldiers who spent time at Wrest Park Hospital in April 1916. 

  • Auberon Herbert

    Read about the extraordinary life of this First-World-War soldier who was also a baron, a rower, a journalist and a government minister.

Feasts Through History

In this series of articles, written by our experts, we'll be looking at the history of feasting, from the Neolithic to Tudors. 

  • Part 1: Durrington Walls

    Dr Susan Greaney reveals the monumental Neolithic feasts that took place at Durrington Walls, near Stonehenge in Wiltshire.

  • Part 2: Lullingstone Roman Villa

    Curator of collections and interiors Dr Kathryn Bedford reveals what the banquets at this Roman villa in Kent would have been like.

  • Part 3: Stokesay Castle

    Cameron Moffett and Louise Bartlett reveal the story of the feast held in honour of the Bishop of Hereford’s visit in 1290.

  • Part 4: Gainsborough Old Hall

    Dr Nick Holder reveals the story of this late medieval manor house and the feasts fit for royalty that were prepared in its kitchens.

Image: Dover Castle

History Makers

We take a look at the English Heritage properties that played their part in changing the course of English history, from military victories and technological breakthroughs to social shifts and political milestones.

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Queen Elizabeth I

Kings and Queens

So many of the sites in our care have links with some of England's most famous kings and queens. Discover royal stories of conflict, romance, escape and family life with videos, features and quizzes just for Members.

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Past Lives

Past Lives

From a captive queen and a reggae superstar to the father of the NHS and pioneering dentist, discover the stories of the people who shaped our country's past.

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Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

The Victorians

We take a closer look at all things Victorian, from the seaside retreat of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert to the home of Charles Darwin, Down House. Plus, learn how to cook the Victorian way with Mrs Crocombe, the Victorian cook at Audley End House and Gardens.

Discover the Victorians

A Closer Look

Discover close up images and galleries, virtual tours and 360 degree videos getting you closer than ever to some of our historic sites and artefacts.

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