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As we enter a new Carolean era with King Charles III on the throne, we take a look back at kings and queens through history.

So many English kings and queens have associations with English Heritage sites, and their stories are woven into the history of these glorious reminders of royalty past.

Discover royal tales of legend, romance, conflict and escape.

When King Charles was crowned at Westminster Abbey on 6 May 2023, it was the first British Coronation in nearly 70 years.

As England welcomes a new Carolean era, all eyes are on the monarchy. This isn't the first time a Charles has ruled England, so who were Charles I and II and what mark did they leave on our nation?

Explore earlier King Charles

The Story of England

Take a chronological journey through the key periods in England's past and learn who was at the helm for each significant period. Explore thousands of years of history and discover how the changes that the country has seen can be traced through English Heritage's sites.

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Meet the Monarchs

Take a closer look at the lives of some of England's most influential monarchs and their modern representations and legacies. From cinematic narratives, to traditions carried through time, discover the lesser-known stories behind England's monarchy.

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Image: Reenactors dressed as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

Victoria and Albert’s birthdays at Osborne

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Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley at Kenilworth Castle

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Mary Tudor and the succession crisis at Framlingham Castle in Suffolk

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‘Charles I in Three Positions’ by Anthony Van Dyck, from around 1635

King on the run: The imprisonment and escapes of King Charles I

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Queens of our Castles

From the 13th-century heiress who lived in Carisbrooke Castle and owned the Isle of Wight to Eleanor de Montfort's attempt to hold the besieged Dover Castle, the stories of our castles are interwoven with those of powerful women.

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Look like royalty

Watch our Roman and Victorian Make up tutorials

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  • Queen Victoria make up tutorial

Test your knowledge

Think you know the difference between the King Charles of history? Can you name all of Victoria and Albert's children? How about, who the last king was to have a beard? See how much you know about the kings and queens of England's past.

Kids' Activities

Design showing the elements of a coat of arms

Follow our instructions to design your own coat of arms.

Learn about the history of coats of arms, including the royal coat of arms, and how the designs were used to show who they represented. Then use our guide to the heraldic code and simple downloadable template to design your own coat of arms to represent you or your family.

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