London Wall

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Tower Hill, London, EC3N 4DJ

Before You Go

Immediately north of the Tower of London, right in the heart of Tower Hill, stands one of the most substantial and impressive surviving sections of the London Wall. Built around AD 200, the Roman wall not only provided defence and security to the citizens of London, but also represented the status of the city itself.

Once around two and a half miles long, over time it was modified, adapted and added to, before finally being obscured and partially destroyed as new buildings were constructed around it. Today, however, many of the buildings which had formerly hidden it have been cleared away, and visitors can enjoy a clear view of the monument that defined both the size and shape of the city for over a millennium.

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Before You Go

How to Find It: This section of the wall is located at the edge of a small garden to the southeast of Tower Hill underground station. From the station the garden is accessed just off the path to the Tower of London, and is halfway down the steps to the Tower Hill underpass on the left hand side.

Parking: There is no car park at London Wall. The nearest car park is Tower Hill Car and Coach Park on Lower Thames Street, and there is very limited metered parking in the surrounding area - try Pepys Street or Muscovy Street. Please be aware the site is in the Congestion Charging Zone.

Public Transport: It is advisable to use public transport to get to London Wall if possible. The site is very close to underground and Docklands Light Railway (DLR) stations, and is just off a number of bus routes.

An alternative is to walk to London Wall on the way to or from visiting the Roman London Gallery at the Museum of London via the London Wall Walk. The walk is 1 3/4 miles long, following the original line of the Wall and passing other surviving sections of it.

Facilities: The closest public toilets are in the coach park on Tower Hill near the Tower of London.

Plan a Great Day Out

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