Stott Park Bobbin Mill

Things to see and do

See a bobbin being made

Step into the mill and be transported back in time by the sounds and the smells of the bobbin mill. On your guided tour, you’ll experience working practices from 1870. Watch raw wood, taken from the surrounding woodland, transformed into a bobbin. See the different processes of creating a bobbin, from cutting to boring to drying. You can also see the steam engine in action every bank holiday weekend.

Explore the woodland

You'll find the mill nestled away amongst four acres of woodland. Look out for local wildlife and enjoy copious amounts of bluebells in late April and early May. Find the perfect book in our second hand book shop and relax with a picnic surrounded by nature.

Learn about the bobbin makers

Stott Park was a vital part of the local community with many of the workers and their families living close by. It was not unusual for many generations to work at the mill. All the workers experienced long hours, dangerous machinery and dusty conditions. Child labour was also very common in the mill. Learn more about the experiences of the bobbin makers in the exhibition space.

Complete the family trail

Join Bob, our resident bobbin turner, on an interactive trail for families. Follow Bob around the mill and learn about what life would have been like for children working there. Find clues and answer questions to win an exclusive ‘I love Stott Park Bobbin Mill’ sticker.