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  • Can I have my wedding photos taken at an English Heritage Site?

    Yes, for sites that do not host wedding ceremonies and receptions you can contact, fees from £150+VAT. We don't generally allow wedding or engagement photography at sites which do host weddings unless you are also hiring the site for your ceremony/reception. You can contact the Hospitality Events Co-ordinator directly at the venue to discuss any options that might be available to you.

  • Do you hire sites for Paranormal Investigation?

    The Hospitality Events team does not organise hire of sites for paranormal investigations, ghost walks etc. You can approach the site you are interested in in person to find out if they would arrange such a hire for you locally. Please note that if you wish to film or photograph the event for anything other than your own personal use you will need to contact to obtain consent, once the site has agreed that your hire is possible.

  • Do you organise Weddings at Churches on English Heritage Sites?

    Some of our 400+ sites do have operating churches within their grounds. Such churches will be under the control of their local diocese and not managed by English Heritage. You would need to talk to the local diocese or vicar directly to find out if you were eligible to marry within their church. We do not hold contact details for these churches, but you could talk to the EH site team in person or contact Customer Services to do so by phone, to see if they can help.

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