Quizzes and Games

1.  It’s breakfast time in the Great Hall. Are you most likely to…

A) Make sure everyone in the kitchen is doing their bit
B) Tuck into your favourite food
C) Have a mug of beer and some bread
D) Sing a relaxing song


2.  It’s banquet time. What do you do?

A) Fuss around to make sure everything is perfect
B) Eat as much as you can in front of your guests
C) Make sure the guests behave
D) Cartwheel, juggle and jump to many cheers


3.  The castle is under attack. What do you do?

A) Make sure all’s going to plan as the men take on the intruders
B) Lead the men in battle
C) Use arrows, rocks and boiling oil to repel the attackers
D) Distract the attackers with your silly antics


4.  The sun has set and it’s time for bed. Do you…

A) Bark a few orders before going to sleep in your quarters
B) Call for your nightgown then go to bed in the warmest room
C) Keep an eye out for invaders
D) Head to the local inn to party the night away

5.  Your most important task during the day is…

A) Letting everyone know what their job is
B) Making sure everyone is safe but paying their taxes
C) Practising your sword skills
D) Seeing how many spoons you can balance on your head


6.  A neighbouring lord visits. What do you do?

A) Worry about whether the castle looks good enough
B) Try and propose an alliance
C) Form a guard of honour but be on high alert
D) Sing a song about how great the lord of your castle is and then show off your new spoon trick

How did you do?

  • Mostly A


    You like being a bit bossy but not on the battlefield, so instead you order around the servants of the house.

  • Mostly B


    After spending the day telling everyone what to do, you like to lounge around and have others bring you food.

  • Mostly C


    It’s your job to defend the castle against invaders, stand guard, train and go off to fight with the lord when told to.

  • Mostly D


    It’s your job to entertain the lord and lady and their guests by playing a lute or singing songs, or by joking around.

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