Meet our volunteers

Maintaining our Gardens

Do you have green fingers and a head for horticulture?

Are you passionate about the historic environment?

We need volunteers to care for our gardens and help them to flourish.

English Heritage gardens are extremely important. They contribute to the unique character of our properties – and some of them, such as Charles Darwin’s garden at Down House, are at the very heart of their stories. They are also havens for visitors, as well as the local wildlife!

Garden volunteers help to maintain these gardens and open them up for everyone to enjoy. They undertake horticultural tasks within the grounds, and provide a warm welcome to visitors. 

What would you be doing?

Specific tasks vary according to the property and its needs, but most garden volunteers will:

  • Assist with horticultural tasks such as deadheading, pruning, and weeding, planting, watering, potting and sowing seed
  • Learn about planting schemes and the history of the property garden
  • Interact with visitors and explain the significance of the garden and its plants
  • Supervise the garden and follow health and safety procedures
  • Give tours or demonstrations for visitors.

We need garden volunteers all year round to help them thrive! 

If you think you can help, check out the current volunteer opportunities below.