Travel back in time with our videos and have fun with history. Watch as we interview a medieval noblewoman, a prehistoric flint miner and even Henry VIII. Put your Roman knowledge to the test with Rattus Rattus, and learn how to recreate our castles in Minecraft. Make your own sword and shield following our step by step guides, or go on an animated journey through the story of England.

Meet the beekeeper at Battle Abbey!

950 years after William the Conqueror beat King Harold at the Battle of Hastings in 1066, Battle Abbey has become home to up to 30,000 bees.

Join young English Heritage Member Madeline on her adventure to the site, where she meets head beekeeper Graham. Find out everything about bees, including what a beekeeper does and the past uses for honey.

History at home live

TV presenter Ben Shires helped us host some amazing live lessons in 2020. In case you missed them, we’re sharing all the streams here, so you can catch up on castles, get clued up on Tudors and learn all about the legendary King Arthur.

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Homes through History

Episode 9: Meet a member of the Cichociemni at Audley End House

Take a stroll around Audley End House and Gardens with Pawel, a former member of the Cichociemni.

Also called the Silent Unseen, the Cichociemni was the Polish section of the Special Operations Executive during the Second World War. Members trained at Audley End House, which became known as Station 43 and was operational from 1 May 1942. Pawel explains how he and his comrades lived, trained and relaxed, while preparing to return to his homeland to fight.

Explore Our Castles in Minecraft

 Discover two of our castles beautifully recreated in Minecraft by the experts at Yogscast and Blockworks.

Test your Roman knowledge with Rattus Rattus

How well do you know Roman history? Do you know your centurion from your Caesar? Find out in this fun quiz with Rattus Rattus. 

Historical Things to make and do

Discover our collection of history-themed ideas for things to make and do, whether it’s creating a beautiful Roman mosaic design or forging your own cardboard sword and shield.

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  • Historical Timeline Posters

    We've created a series of posters showing the history of England, from prehistory through to the World Wars. Print them out to create a mega timeline, or colour your own with our downloadable sheets.

  • Things to Make and Do

    For weekends, rainy days and holidays, we’ve collected our best ideas for you to get hands-on and crafty with history. Make a model tudor house, become a knight with a sword and shield, design a Roman mosaic, plus much more.

  • Tasty Historical Makes and Bakes

    Serve up a slice of history with these delicious recipes from the past.  Whip up a batch of Mrs Crocombe's favourite Queen Drop Biscuits, bake a medieval pie, watch our interview with a Tudor cook and more.

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