Corbridge Collection Highlights

The Corbridge collection is large, with over 50,000 recorded items, and offers a wealth of evidence to help us understand life in the most northerly town in the Roman Empire. Its inscriptions and sculptural material are the best collection in the north of Britain in terms of depth, range and scope. Deities from across the Roman Empire are represented in the religious dedications, and numerous building inscriptions record the names of units and individual soldiers living and working at Corbridge.

The wealth of Corbridge across the centuries is reflected in the many beautiful items of jewellery and ornate glassware in the collection. Extensive trade links are demonstrated by pottery from North Africa, olive oil from Spain and figurines from France. The many industries at Corbridge over its 350-year occupation have also left their mark. There is evidence of metal-working, pottery making, bone working and glass production as well as a wide range of masonry and carpentry tools.

Explore some of the highlights of the collection in 3D or high resolution 2D images below.

Explore in 3D

Scroll through the images below to view some of the highlights of the collection in 3D. Click the play button and use your cursor or touch screen to rotate the object and zoom in. For descriptions of each object, click the title in the top left of the screen (opens in new window).

Models derived photogrammetrically by Jon Bedford of the Geospatial Imaging Team at Historic England on behalf of English Heritage.

2D gallery


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