Beeston Castle and Woodland Park

Things to see and do

Beeston Castle

The Castle

Climb to the top of the castle and peer down into the spiralling well below.

This is one of the deepest castle wells in England, steeped in legend as the hiding place of Richard II's lost treasure.

Thought to be buried here in 1399, the treasure has been missing for centuries despite many attempts to find it.

Woodland walk

Enchanting Woodland

Enjoy the fresh air as you wander along the winding woodland paths surrounding the castle. The beautiful habitat and surrounding Cheshire landscape is a paradise for walkers and nature lovers.

Beeston is home to a wide variety of wildlife from foxes, rabbits and bats to buzzards and even peregrine falcons.

Beeston Castle exhibition


Re-live 4,000 years of history as you explore the fascinating 'Castle of the Rock' exhibition.

Travel through time from the Bronze Age to Beeston's glory days as a medieval fortress to its ultimate decline in the Civil War.

What we see today is a picturesque ruin of a once formidable castle as captured by Turner in his 1809 painting.

A hot drink from the cafe

The Sandstone Café

Relax and enjoy the fresh air on the outdoor seating at The Sandstone Café.

Serving a delicious range of hot and cold drinks and snacks it is the perfect place to recharge your batteries. Not to be missed are the delicious cream teas, cakes and light lunches

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