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The Romans

English Heritage cares for over 50 sites where you can discover the secrets and stories of Roman Britain. From luxury villas and rugged forts, to the towns along Hadrian’s Wall, our collections are packed with fascinating Roman artefacts.

Explore our range of articles and videos about Roman Britain on this page, along with information about our sites to help you plan your historic days out.

Visit a Roman Site in England

  • Birdoswald Roman Fort | Hadrian's Wall

    Birdoswald Roman Fort is the perfect place to stop off on a family day out or if you're walking or cycling along Hadrian's Wall in Cumbria. Extensive remains of the Roman Fort can be explored.

  • Chesters Roman Fort | Hadrian's Wall

    Built almost 2000 years ago to house a Roman army garrison guarding the nearby bridge across the River Tyne, Chesters Roman Fort is one of the most impressive visitor attractions in the North East.

  • Corbridge Roman Town | Hadrian's Wall

    Visitors to Corbridge can walk along the main street of this Roman garrison town, flanked by the remains of granaries, a fountain house, markets, workshops and temples.

  • Aldborough Roman Site | Yorkshire

    Roman mosaic pavements line the remains of this once northern tribal capital, set amid a peaceful Victorian garden.

  • Lullingstone Roman Villa | Kent

    Among the most outstanding Roman villa survivals in Britain, Lullingstone provides a unique all weather family day out. See fascinating Roman artifacts and enjoy a specially commissioned light show.

  • Richborough Roman Fort and Amphitheatre | Kent

    Evocatively sited amid the East Kent marshes, Richborough is perhaps the most symbolically important of all Roman sites in Britain, witnessing both the beginning and almost the end of Roman rule here.

  • Wroxeter Roman City | Shropshire

    Discover urban-living 2,000 years ago at Viriconium Cornoviorum (Wroxeter) - one of the largest cities in Roman Britain.

How Were Roman Baths Really Used?

Head to Wroxeter Roman City with Presenter Ben Shires as he discovers just how important bathing was to the Romans. Whether you fancied a quick dip, wanted to socialise with friends or needed to book in a business meeting, bathing was at the heart of Roman life.

Free Roman Sites to Visit



Face pots were widely used across the western provinces of Roman Britain and are some of the most striking artefacts we have to evidence everyday life under Roman rule. Intriguingly, despite their wide use, archaeologists aren’t entirely certain about the function or importance of Roman face pots.

Visit our Face Pot gallery to create your own digital pottery masterpiece, see other people's creations and learn about what these curious ceramic pieces might have meant to people living in Roman Britain.

  • Making Face Pots the Roman Way

    Join Frances McIntosh, English Heritage Collections Curator for Hadrian’s Wall, as she visits expert potter Graham Taylor to discover how a modern potter uses historical methods to recreate these distinctive objects.

  • What Makes Face Pots So Intriguing?

    Take a closer look at the vessels discovered at Corbridge Roman Town and to discuss why these enigmatic faces from the past are so intriguing.

Who was Hadrian?

Learn more about Emperor Hadrian's life, relationships and legacy.

Hadrian assumed control over the vast Roman Empire in AD117 following the death of his adoptive father, Trajan. As emperor, he broke with the expansionist policies of his predecessors to focus on securing the Roman Empire within its existing borders.

Learn about Hadrian
A Roman eating a Roman burger.

Roman Burgers

We all know that the Romans left a huge mark on Britain, but you may be surprised to learn of one particular culinary invention. Broadcaster and writer Annie Gray takes us through the unlikely origins of the burger in Britain.

Find Out More

13 Things the Romans did for us

The Romans were the great trend-setters of the ancient world – what they didn’t invent they copied and adapted from others, transporting new ideas across the Roman empire.

Find out more

Roman Makeup Tutorial

Discover how cosmetics from the Roman Empire literally changed the face of Britain in the 3rd century in our History Inspired Makeup Tutorial featuring Amber Butchart and Rebecca Butterworth.

Watch the Tutorial

Explore Hadrian's Wall from home

Get creative with our Roman-themed activities

A model of the prefect’s house at Housesteads Roman Fort


Find out about life at Housesteads Roman Fort on Hadrian's Wall, the most complete example of a Roman fort in Britain.

Then, download the template and follow our easy step by step instructions to make your own model of the prefect’s house at the fort.

Make a model
  • Colour a Roman poster

    Download this colouring poster showing a busy Roman town and bring the scene to life with your coloured pencils, pens or paints!


    Romans used wax tablets to write down important notes. Find out about this handy tool and learn how to make your very own 21st-century version.


    Roman Villas were decorated with beautiful mosaics.  Watch our video to discover why and how they were made, and how you can make your own. 

  • Make a tasty Roman Burger

    You may think burgers are American, but the Romans beat them to it! Download the recipe and ask a grown-up to help you make Roman burgers.

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